by Gary Barwin443-the-owl-q85-1920x1200

Like always, Teddy, The Walrus, Little Bunny and me are hanging on the steps behind the courthouse.

Know what I’d like to do? The Walrus says.

Fart rainbows? Teddy says.

Been there, The Walrus says. And got the t-shirt. What I’d like to do is sleep with owls.

Me, too, says Little Bunny. Family-friendly owls.

More than one at a time, Teddy says.

Yeah, The Walrus says. We’d hump at dusk.

Fuck, yeah, I say. It’d be killer. Orgasms and everything suffused with contingent light.

For reals, The Walrus says. We’d be doing it fast and furious then one of the owls would suddenly capture a rodent.

Soundlessly, I say.

Just one little peep, Little Bunny says, And that mouse’s life is over.

Is that family friendly? Teddy asks.

Families end. Families fuck. Families have lives that end, The Walrus says. I’d say sex with owls is very family friendly.

I’d fill my pants with owls, Teddy says.

I’d fill twilight, I say.

Crap, Little Bunny says.

Just then, we see The Walrus’s mom walk out of the side door of the courthouse. She’s crying and we all feel uncomfortable.